2023 Poster Presentations

Livin’ the High Life – Detection, Differentiation, and Quantification of Cannabinoids in Edible and Non-Edible Complex Matrices by Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Presenter: Benedetta Garosi, Graduate Research Associate, University at Albany – SUNY

Poster #: 1

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Weeding Out the Methods to Enable Rapid Differentiation of Fiber-type and Drug-type Varieties of Cannabis sativa: A Combined Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometric and Chemometric Approach

Presenter: Megan I. Chambers, Graduate Research Assistant, University at Albany – SUNY

Poster #: 2

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Understanding quality assurance infrastructure and checkpoints necessary within manufacturing and agricultural practices to reduce microbial bioburden and produce safe, high-quality products.

Presenter: Carly Bader, Manager of Science, Willow Industries

Poster #: 3

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HPLC-DAD Potency Assay for the Detection and Quantitation of Flavonoids in Hemp Flower

Presenter: Louis P. Balas, R&D Associate, Charlotte’s Web

Poster #: 4

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A Modification of the GENE-UP Aspergillus PRO to include a Non-Viable DNA Removal Step with IS Viability Kit: AOAC Performance Tested Method 022103

Presenter: Patrick Bird, Sr. Manager Scientific Affairs, bioMerieux

Poster #: 5

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Cytotoxic cannabinoid analogs for prevention of pancreatic cancer

Presenter: Westley Cruces, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, Colorado Chromatography

Poster #: 6

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EEG-based research for objectively quantifying cannabis effects in an affordable and agile manner

Presenter: Israel Gasperin, Founder & CEO, Zentrela

Poster #: 7

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Mechanisms and implications of photobleaching cannabis

Presenter: David Hawley, PhD, Principal Scientist, Fluence

Poster #: 11

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Increased Cannabis Harvest Yield through Pathogen Remediated Drying & Post Processing in a Production Cultivation Environment

Presenter: Dana Heacox, Chief Technology Officer, CTAG

Poster #: 12

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Advancements in the Chemical Synthesis of Natural Cannabinoids

Presenter: Lauren Irwin, PhD, Research Associate, Naturally Synthetic Inc.

Poster #: 13

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Optimizing Dried Cannabis Flower Storage Conditions

Presenter: Conner Jeffries, Research Scientist, AROYA

Poster #: 16

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AOAC Validation of Multiple TEMPO Methods for the Enumeration of Quality Indicator Organisms in Cannabis Flower: AOAC Performance Tested MethodSM 041001, 121204, 060702, 080603 and 050801

Presenter: John Mills, Associate Director Industry Scientific Affairs, bioMerieux

Poster #: 19

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New Standardized Methods for Metals in Cannabis

Presenter: Jenny Nelson, Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies

Poster #: 20

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Comparison of State Regulations: Quality Oversight of Cannabis Laboratory Testing

Presenter: Lisa Pinkney, PhD, CEO, Neal Management Group, LLC and President, Trulieve Georgia

Poster #: 21

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Effect of Three Aquaponic Cultivation Methods on Cannabis Growth and Inflorescence Yield and Quality

Presenter: Steeve Pomerleau, Aquaponics Manager, Nuponix Labs

Poster #: 22

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Novel Amino Acid-Based Nutrient Feeding Through Flower on Various Strains of Cannabis sativa

Presenter: Justin Sanchez, Co-Founder & CTO, Terra Vera

Poster #: 25

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Examination of Service-Disabled Veteran MMJ Consumers

Presenter: Grant M. Saxena, Founder, Æther Arcade

Poster #: 26

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Higher Than Expected: Reported THC% on Retail Flower vs. Observed is Inflated

Presenter: Anna Schwabe, PhD, Director of Research & Development, 420 Organics

Poster #: 27

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Rapid Sample Extraction for Analysis of Cannabinoids, Pesticides, Mycotoxins and Terpenes in Cannabis

Presenter: Alicia D. Stell, PhD, Product Manager, CEM Corporation

Poster #: 28

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Whole Plant Edibles: Harnessing the full power of cannabis

Presenter: Charlie Villanueva, Director of Commercialization, Azuca

Poster #: 29

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Cannabis for treatment of severe agitation in a patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

Presenters: Rebecca Abraham, RN, BSN, CEO, Acute on Chronic and Ryan Buck, MD, Research Director, Acute on Chronic

Poster #: 30

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Presentation of Publication Use of X-ray irradiation for inactivation of Aspergillus in Cannabis flower

Presenter: Jeff Duvall, Account Executive, Rad Source Technologies Inc.

Poster #: 31

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