Grant M. Saxena
Founder, Æther Arcade

Captain Grant Mitchell Saxena, U.S.A, Retired, is a highly decorated U.S. Army Airborne Ranger & former Infantry Company Commander. He was presidentially commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and awarded a Bachelor of Science in Leadership from The United States Military Academy at West Point in 2005. Time Magazine infamously titled this graduation the “Class of 9/11.” An early medical retirement resulted in 2011, due to being seriously wounded as a young platoon leader in Baghdad, Iraq during the Global War on Terror. Most honorably, after fifteen months deployed to a combat zone in 2006, Grant brought all 40/40 soldiers in his Stryker platoon home alive.

Fifteen years later in 2021, after a lengthy period recovering and navigating the Veterans Affairs healthcare system, Grant became an Oxford University alumni earning International Politics graduate school and Lean Six Sigma Yellowbelt Leadership credentials. Then in 2022, Grant attended the University of Law in The United Kingdom to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Law. Currently, he is four months away from matriculating a committed publication degree through a European University, and has defended his dissertation to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Systems Design.

Æther Arcade© is Captain Saxena’s Ultramodern Metaphysics Research Laboratory. Combining disciplines of philosophy, biology, computer science, and physics, a certain type of Doctor such as a Metaphysician can analyze the scan of a person’s avatar and then apply holistic science based therapy through revolutionary methodologies. Grant loves to travel internationally as an advocate, artist, journalist, teacher, and SCUBA divemaster

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