Israel Gasperin
Founder & CEO, Zentrela

Israel Gasperin is an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur fascinated by how the brain functions and how it is altered by psychoactive substances like cannabis.

In 2015, Israel founded Zentrela, Inc. with the vision of combining EEG technology, neuroscience, and AI to reliably and accurately predict what people feel after consuming cannabis.

In 2021, after 6 years of raising capital and building an interdisciplinary team, Israel made his vision a reality with the development and commercialization of the Cognalyzer® neurotechnology platform.

The Cognalyzer® is the only objective method for measuring the effects of cannabis on the consumer’s brain (EEG). Cognalyzer-derived data is helpful to objectively validate the efficacy of  formulations to create intended effects and prove this to their target audience in a trustworthy manner that triggers product trial and adoption.

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