Dana Heacox
Chief Technology Officer, CTAG

The current emphasis of Dana Heacox’s work has been the focus of environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry.  Dana has successfully utilized ozone as a chemical substitute for cannabis growth and finished product sanitation, as well as developed biological and chemical remediation techniques utilizing  naturally occurring compounds.

Dana has worked extensively with the dairy industry since 2002 at varying capacities ranging from personnel manager and hospital pen manager to construction and environmental sampling.  Dana Heacox has also taught animal science, range management, and worked on water recycling projects on behalf of a community college located on the Navajo Nation. Prior to this work, Mr. Heacox developed sustainable farming, ranching and water quality projects in Mexico and Central America.  Habanero export projects in the country of Belize and commercial production of water buffalo in southern Mexico are his most recent successes.  Dana served as the production-farming advisor on the Belize Organic Production Association (BOPA).

Mr. Heacox developed sustainable farming and water quality education programs for the Tarahumara Indians in the Sierra Madre region of southern Chihuahua and an outreach education program for the State of Zacatecas, Mexico.

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