Jeff Keller, PhD

Professor, Pennington Biomedical Research Center

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Emily Savage

Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee, Hyphae Labs/Oakland Hyphae

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Matthew Moore, PhD

Principal Scientist, Moore Scientific

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Tess Eidem, PhD

Microbiologist, Rouge Micro

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Anna Schwabe, PhD

Director of Research & Education, 420 Organics

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Av Singh, PhD

Agronomist, Kush & Lav Consulting

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Aldwin Anterola, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Veda Scientific

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Hope Jones, Ph.D.
Hope Jones, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Emergent Cannabis Sciences

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Iniobong Afia, PhD

President, Innovative Analytical Associates

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Patricia Atkins
Patti Atkins

Senior Applications Scientist, SPEX, an Antylia Scientific Company

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Robert D. Brodnick, Ph.D., M.S.
Robert D. Brodnick, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Titan Analytical

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David Dawson, PhD

Senior Scientist, Via Innovations

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Kellan Finney, M.S.
Kellan Finney

Chief Scientific Officer, Eighth Revolution

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Chris Hudalla, PhD

President & Chief Scientific Officer, ProVerde Laboratories, Inc.

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Catharine E. Layton, M.S.
Catharine E. Layton

Principal Scientist, Waters Corporation

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Jean-Michel Manzano

Director of Operations, Apoteka

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Andrew Samann

Chief Executive Officer, Orion GMP Solutions

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David Schaible, M.S.
David Schaible

Consultant, CannaNY Consulting

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Matt Sica

VP of Regulatory Compliance & Quality, Phase4Services

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Jean Talleyrand, M.D.
Jean Talleyrand, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Endocannabinoid System Consortium (CESC) Inc.

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Marian Twohig, PhD

Consultant Scientist, Waters Corporation

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Scot Waring, PhD

Director, eLucidation

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