David Schaible
Consultant, CannaNY Consulting

David’s traditional education is a masters degree from SUNY New Paltz in Biology. His studies included pharmaceutics, plant genetics, environmental and agricultural studies. He holds a bachelors degree from SUNY Geneseo in biochemistry.

David has 30 years of pharma experience, and still works in the industry today. He started his career in the generic industry as a quality control chemist. David worked for decades for Penwest Pharmaceuticals and JRS Pharma, where he worked on controlled release formulations and inactive ingredients. He has commercialized numerous products and formulations for his former companies and customers. He has several product and process patents and served as project leader for bringing these new pharmaceutical excipients to market. He is an invited public speaker for the industry in North America and abroad. Today he is a partner and Chief Scientific Officer for Jiangsu Westpoint Excipients Co. Ltd. Having worked with natural products for the nutraceutical industry he was familiar with extractions and in and outs of formulating plant based medicines. Finally, seven years ago he got the opportunity to work on the one plant based medicine he was passionate about, cannabis. He was called in to consult to help develop the first cannabis based tablet for the market in Colorado. This involved using one of his patented excipient products to enable tableting of extracted cannabis oil.

His consulting experience allowed him an inside view into all aspects from growing, extraction through finished products. After years of consulting in cannabis, in September of 2016 he took the leap to work full time in the cannabis industry for PharmaCann.

David was one of the first employees and the main scientist for the startup of their flagship NY facility. He setup the extraction and refinement processes that are in place today for the facility as well as refining formulations for their first products.

David Schaible, M.S.
David Schaible
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