Andrew Samann
Chief Executive Officer, Orion GMP Solutions

Andrew is the founder of Orion GMP International, LLC d/b/a Orion GMP Solutions, established in March of 2015. He presently serves as the Principal Consultant and Chief Executive Officer.

Andrew served in the United States Marine Corps, where he earned the rank of Sergeant. He served 3 deployments, leading a team of Marines as the non-commissioned officer in charge of quality maintenance management and documentation of over 400,000 life limited critical parts on UH-1N and AH-1W Helicopters. Andrew was the only Sergeant within HMLA-369 to hold Aircraft Logbook maintenance of over 120 aircraft over a 3-year period, Andrew engaged in a total of 4 aircraft turnover events, where 30+ aircraft change custody from one unit to another. Andrew worked as a senior auditor reviewing aircraft maintenance records and maintenance quality management systems for 2 aircraft turnover events, and subsequently signed 60 aircraft as safe for flight, post-transfer.

Following the Marines, Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and worked at the University of Michigan as a bio-analytical chemist, publishing three articles in peer reviewed scientific journals.
Academic laboratory research included molecular physiology, plant biology, development biology, genetics, and biochemistry.

Andrew’s professional experience includes academic research in the fields of bio-analytical chemistry and purification; manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Control (Analytical) chemistry utilizing FDA 21 CFR 210/211 and ICH Q7 /Q8/Q9 GMP guidelines; and most recently, establishment of cannabis focused Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems incorporating EU GMP, 21 CFR 210/211, and ICH Q7/Q9/Q10 GMP guidelines into cannabis product manufacturing processes.

Andrew Samann
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