Speaker Presentations

Monday, February 28

Keynote – A Macro View of the Endocannabinoid System

Speaker: Dr. Daniele Piomelli, Distinguished Professor, University of California Irvine

Lean Cultivation: How AI and a Digital Twin Model Can Revolutionize Cultivation

Speaker: Ian Seiferling, CEO, Adaviv Inc.

An Evaluation of Growing Environment on the Production of Secondary Metabolites in Cannabis Plants

Speaker: Scott Churchill, VP of Scientific Development, MCR Labs

The Path to Seedless Cannabis: How Triploid Sterile Varieties Can Help Farmers Stop Worrying About Unwanted Pollen

Speaker: Richard Philbrook, Scientist – Molecular Biology, Dark Heart Nursery

Artificial Intelligence for Craft Cannabis Products

Speaker: Dr. Markus Roggen, President & CSO, Delic Labs

Purification of Cannabis Extracts using Polysaccharide-Based ‘Nanosponge’ Adsorbents

Speaker: Dr. Christopher J. Cordier, Head of Chemistry Research, Grow Group PLC

Producing Safe and Compliant Extracts and Isolates of Cannabinoids using Eco-Sustainable Separation Technologies

Speaker: Gerard S. Rosse, Ph.D., Owner & President, Arrival Discovery LLC

Solving Cannabis Consistency and Bioavailability Problems through Nanoemulsion Technology

Speaker: David Durkee, Ph.D., Vice President of New Ventures, Quicksilver Scientific

Droplet Size Analysis of Emulsions and Nanoemulsions

Speaker: Mark Bumiller, Technology Manager, Entegris, Inc.

Raising Awareness: The Implementation of Medical Cannabis and Psilocybin Used as An Adjunct Therapy in the Treatment of Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer

Speaker: Jaime Brambila, Founder & VP, Grace Health & Wellness


Tuesday, March 1

Comprehensive Comparison of Cannabis Cultivars Using Untargeted Analytical Workflows

Speaker: Dr. Aldwin Anterola, Chief Scientific Officer, Veda Scientific

The Aroma Volatiles of Cannabis – How Terpene Synthases Create Chemical Diversity

Speaker: Bernd Mark Lange, Chief Scientific Officer, Dewey Scientific

A Novel LC/MS/MS Method with Dual Ion Source for Analysis of 102 Pesticides and 5 Mycotoxins in Hemp

Speaker: Dr. Avinash Dalmia, Senior Principal Application Scientist, PerkinElmer

Genomic Tools for Cannabis sativa and Psilocybe Cubensis

Speaker: Kevin J. McKernan, Founder & CSO, Medicinal Genomics

Patient Data and Plant Medicine: Ask the Right Questions

Speakers: Mara Gordon, CTO, Octopi Wellness and Dr. Harry McIlroy, Clinical Director, BioReset Medical

The Dosing Project: An Analysis of Adverse Events & Effective Dosages for Cannabis Products

Speaker: Dr. Jean Talleyrand, Chief Medical Officer, The CESC

Radicle ACES: History’s Largest Clinical Trial on CBD

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Chen, CEO, Radicle Science

Closing Featured Session – Growing the Cannabis Research Spectrum

Speaker: Hope Jones, Ph.D., CEO, Emergent Cannabis Sciences