Wes Burk
President & CEO, Emerald Scientific

Wes Burk is a founding partner of Emerald Scientific, the premier scientific distributor in the cannabis industry, which began operations in 2014. Wes holds a bachelor’s degree from one of the country’s leading Information Systems programs at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Wes has been instrumental in the development of The Emerald Test, the only inter-laboratory comparison proficiency test in the cannabis industry, which has been widely adopted as a qualifying program for accreditation and regulatory compliance. In 2017, he led the team to execute a formal contract with the State of Colorado to become the provider of the proficiency test in multiple categories of testing for state-licensed quality assurance labs. Wes produced the groundbreaking Extraction Efficiency Series featuring Dr.’s Jerry King and John McKay. Wes has a background in building companies across multiple disciplines such as real estate and investment, and he has devoted years to advocacy for cannabis.

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