Shawna Vreeke, PhD
Head of Research, True Terpenes

Dr. Shawna Vreeke is Head of Research at True Terpenes, where she is instrumental in developing and maintaining the rigorous safety and quality protocols the brand is known for. Most recently, Dr. Shawna developed a comprehensive toxicology program to assess cannabis vape additives. Her background is in vape hardware safety, having completed a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Portland State University working alongside vape chemistry expert Dr. Robert M. Strongin to study toxin formation in electronic cigarettes. Dr. Shawna is an active advocate for science-based safety parameters to protect consumer safety and passionate about the therapeutic properties of natural products. Dr. Shawna recently presented as an expert witness during the Pennsylvania State Department of Health recall in support of growers, processors, and distributors, and the implementation of sensible regulations to protect public safety and access to regulated medical cannabis products.

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