Jaime Brambila
Founder & VP, Grace Health & Wellness

A respected endocannabinologist, Jaime is deeply versed in endocannaboinoid system physiology, cannabis pharmacology, and dosing. Jaime began his foray into cannabis research in 2014 while searching for alternative treatments for his mother who has Lupus, and his father-in-law, who had COPD and congestive heart failure.

In 2016, my wife Nicole and I started our journey in the cannabis arena. We opened a small cannabis delivery service in Southern CA, and quickly found ourselves answering serious health questions from patients in severe physical distress, looking for absolute relief from their chronic conditions. In 2017, Jaime began collaborating with Dr. Dustin Sulak, one of the most experienced and respected physicians in cannabis dosing, marking the beginning of an enriching professional relationship. Driven by his desire to bring the healing benefits of cannabis to the medical community and beyond, Jaime continues to explore cancer and cannabis, specifically the cytotoxic effects that cannabinoids have on cancer cells and identifying the most optimal dosage parameters.

His practice is to coach and educate patients and physicians about the clinical use of cannabinoids and other plant-based medicines. The principal aspects of our mission are to democratize plant-based medicine and democratize the science, taking the complex pharmacological information and breaking it down so everyone can understand the therapeutic potential.

Jaime Brambila
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