2023 Speaker Presentations

Thursday, March 2


Keynote – Understanding the Phytochemical Diversity in Cannabis sativa to Support Industry Growth

Speaker: Dr. Daniela Vergara, President & Founder, Agricultural Genomics Foundation


Characterization of delta-8 THC Distillates using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Speaker: Emily R. Britton, PhD, Principal Marketing Manager for Food & Natural Products, Waters Corp.


Harnessing the Cannabis sativa plant’s ability to recruit microbes in search of a developmentally specific rhizosphere microbiome

Speaker: Michael J. DiLegge, MSc, Director of Microbiology, Impello Biosciences, Inc.


A Framework for Scientifically Deriving Safety Limits for Inhalable Cannabis Concentrates

Speakers: Shawna Vreeke, PhD, Head of Research, True Terpenes & Echoleah Rufer, PhD, Director of Health Sciences, PAX


Spread and impact of Hop Latent Viroid on cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) growth and quality

Speaker: Dr. Zamir K. Punja, Professor, Simon Fraser University


Friday, March 3


Chemical Synthesis of Minor Cannabinoids

Speaker: Matthew Roberts, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Nalu Bio


Cannabis use in autism spectrum disorders

Speaker: Dr. Bonni Goldstein, MD, Founder & Medical Director, Canna-Centers Wellness & Education


Forced Degradation Studies – An under utilized but powerful tool

Speaker: Harpreet Kaur, PhD, Founder, Rudra Solutions Inc.


Analysis of Psilocybin and Psilocin in Mushrooms and Mushroom Products by Portable Liquid Chromatography: Insights and Progress

Speaker: Dylan Wilks, Chief Technology Officer, Orange Photonics, Inc.


Purification of cannabis extracts using CapturaTM ‘nanosponge’ adsorbents: from kilo to micro, batch to high throughput, and selective elution

Speaker: Dr. Ian Atkinson, Chief Scientific Officer, Grow Group PLC


Paradigm shift in cannabis drug discovery: From Deductive to Inductive R&D

Speaker: Dr. Shimon Lecht, Chief Innovation Officer, Day Three Labs


Simulations of Test Reduction Using Pooled Heavy Metals Analysis in Cannabis

Speaker: Dr. Markus Roggen, President & Chief Science Officer, Delic Labs


The Effect of Macronutrient Manipulation During Flowering on Cannabis Sativa Yield and Potency

Speaker: Rachel Edwards, MSc, Research and Development Manager, Statehouse Holdings


Closing Session – Advancing the degree of laboratory competence

Speaker: Dr. Susan Audino, Principal, S. Audino & Associates, LLC