Michael J. DiLegge, MSc
Director of Microbiology, Impello Biosciences, Inc.

Michael J. DiLegge, MSc has served as the director of microbiology at Impello Biosciences Inc. for over two years and helps to spearhead all things R&D-related for Impello. Michael holds two degrees in horticulture from Colorado State University; a bachelor’s in food crop production as well as a master’s focusing on plant-rhizosphere microbiology. Michael’s background is in bacterial microbiome sciences focusing on plant-microbe interactions in both soil and soilless cultivation systems and was an active researcher in CSU’s Center of Rhizosphere Biology for 5+ years during his studies. Michael has authored and co-authored several publications in the plant- and host-associated microbiome spaces in journals under the Nature Research publishing group. Now, as¬†Director of Microbiology at Impello, the research he focuses on surrounds the intersection of the biological and biochemical – working on what he likes to call “re-modernizing agriculture” by going back to the roots (or sometimes in the plant body) in search of plant-benefiting biostimulants.

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