Dr. Matthew Indest
Technical Director of Agronomy and Plant Improvement, Curaleaf

Dr. Matthew Indest is the Technical Director of Agronomy and Plant Improvement with Curaleaf’s National Technical Cultivation Team. He supports Curaleaf’s network of cultivators through a combination of in-person site visits and Image Analysis to diagnose plant health and provide recommendations to local managers. He designs, coordinates, and analyzes research projects, evaluates technologies, and advises on best practices for improving yield, quality, and consistency of cannabis.

Dr. Indest applies his education and experience from an array of plant breeding programs to develop unique Curaleaf cultivars. After a decade of working with conventional agricultural and horticultural breeding programs to sift through germplasm libraries, Dr. Indest appreciates the value of vetted, high-performing genetics for commercial production. The breeding program leverages a national genetic library through specific breeding pipelines to develop improved, fit-for-purpose cultivars for each of the company’s highest-value product SKUs.

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