Dr. Jason Poulos
Director CBx, Lygos

Dr. Poulos is co-founder and CEO of Librede, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lygos that is focused on the commercialization of sustainable cannabinoid technologies. Under Dr. Poulos’ leadership, Librede led the way in biosynthetic cannabinoid production technologies with the support of investors and the multiple awards from the National Institute of Health. Dr. Poulos is an avid inventor with several patents, including the key IP surrounding the production of cannabinoids in microorganisms. Prior to starting Librede, Dr. Poulos received his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on hybrid biological and mechanical devices. Dr. Poulos is interested in the power of biology and bringing a multidisciplinary approach to enable new materials and sustainable production of high-value chemicals.

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