Curt Livesay, PhD
Owner & Agronomist, Dynamite Ag, Inc.

Dr. Curtis Livesay is a Certified Crop Adviser through the American Society of Agronomy and a former Licensed Commercial Pest Consultant through the Washington State Department of Agriculture. He holds two Professional Certificates from the University of Vermont: one in Cannabis Plant Biology and one in Cannabis Science and Medicine. He has consulted for hemp clients across the United States and in South America and he worked with multiple licensed cannabis cultivation facilities in Washington State from 2015 to 2020, using a data driven approach to create custom nutrient plans for various cannabis cultivars in closed-loop, recirculating, aeroponic cultivation systems. Since 2020, he has contracted with the State of Washington to serve as the Scientific Reviewer for the Washington State Medical Marijuana Research License Applications.

Dr. Livesay owns Dynamite Ag, Inc., a sales and consulting company that works with diverse growers and crops in over 20 states, spanning from mint, potatoes, and cannabis in Washington State to corn and soybeans across the Midwest and from sugar beets in Minnesota to rice in Arkansas and cotton in Texas. Since 2012 he has consulted for numerous state and national champions of the contests run by the National Corn Growers Association, National Soybean Association, National Wheat Growers Association, and the National Sorghum Producers. Dr. Livesay has numerous clients with documented corn yields of 300+ bushels per acre (the national average for corn yield is approximately 175 bushels per acre). He is also the founder, co-owner, and head of Research & Development for Alchemy Bioscience, LLC, a fertilizer manufacturing company that specializes in silicate-based fertilizer technology to maximize customer ROI while minimizing environmental impact through improved nutrient use efficiency.

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